The iPhone 11 is this reviewer’s pick for the cheapest iPhone in 2024

The launch of the iPhone 11 brings some changes to the way iPhones are made. Many of the design decisions made in iPhone 11 still exist today.

Even in 2024, the iPhone 11 is still a high-quality device with its very powerful processor, robust design, and 12 MP camera. Its A13 Bionic chip even has 8 neural processing cores, making it one of the oldest phones with some AI processing capabilities.

Unique features

The iPhone 11’s most notable upgrade over the iPhone XR is its 12MP camera. The iPhone 11 has a larger camera system with a larger sensor, a larger lens, and a dedicated image processor. It even sticks out from the body of the device, a decision Apple has stuck with ever since.

Design and Build

Not only did the iPhone 11 feature the raised, square camera body we know today, but it was also the last iPhone to feature rounded pebbled edges on an aluminum frame. For me personally, this design choice is a huge win. The new iPhone’s edges are sharper and more angular, and it’s never been more comfortable to hold in your hand.

The iPhone 11 retains the notches of the front and rear iPhones and features the iPhone’s signature glass finish on both the front and back of the device.

In 2024, the iPhone 11 will cost just a quarter of its original price.

What’s even more impressive is that the iPhone 11 Pro sells for less than a fifth of the price of the new version!

If you want the cheapest option, be sure to choose the 128GB version to ensure a good balance between storage and affordability.

iPhone 11 is powered by the A13 Bionic processor. The chipset is a step ahead of previous iPhones in terms of processing power and, notably, can keep up with more modern processors. In daily use, the chip delivers smooth scrolling, excellent video playback, and more.

It has the same 4GB of RAM as the iPhone 12 and is clocked at a maximum frequency of 2.65GHz. It also has no less than 8 “Neural Engine” cores that enable limited artificial intelligence. On-device processing improves everything iPhone 11 does, from photography to noise reduction.

Finally, iPhone 11 launches alongside iOS 13. The iPhone 11 could lose support for security updates as early as 2026, assuming six years of updates. The good news is that longer term support for devices is becoming more standard these days, and with competitors offering updates that are older than seven years, the iPhone 11 may get extended support. However, you cannot rely on this.

If you only need this phone for a year or two, I would still highly recommend it.

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